• Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
    Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
    Local Produce is available from approved and accredited farms here in Kent throughout the English growing season. Worldwide Produce is available 52 weeks of the year.
  • Prepared Vegetables, Fruit and Salad
    Prepared Vegetables, Fruit and Salad
    Our prepared fruit and vegetables are great time savers. Produce can be cut to your own specification including "Hand-Cut" and "Turned".
  • Dairy Produce
    Dairy Produce
    We stock a full range of dairy products including milk, organic milk, cream, cheeses, butters & yoghurts.
  • Eggs
    We stock a full range of Eggs and Free-Range Eggs including Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs, Goose Eggs and Quail's Eggs.
  • Sliced Bread
    Sliced Bread
    We stock "Premium Brands" of White, Brown and Granary sliced bread, available as medium or thick sliced.
  • Fresh Herbs
    Fresh Herbs
    We stock a wide range of Fresh Herbs and "Micro-Herbs" including Pre-Packed, Bunched and Growing Herbs available to suit your individual requirement.
  • Chips
    We stock Fresh, Chilled, Par-Fried "Lord chips". A Premium brand chip from Holland.
  • Speciality Cheeses
    Speciality Cheeses
    We have over 50 cheeses to compliment our dairy range, these include many locally produced Kent cheeses.
  • Local Produce
    Local Produce
    Supplying Kentish produce and supporting the local farming economy.